Top 10 Worst Album Covers From Otherwise Killer Bands
One of the most compelling aspects of heavy metal is undoubtedly the imagery. It's nearly impossible to think about the movement without having a mental picture of the artwork found within it. Whether it's unmistakable mascots like Iron Maiden's Eddie or Motörhead's War-Pig or Cannibal Corpse's blood orgies disguised as album covers, metal and extreme visuals go together like stress and taxes. Alt
Split Lips & Circle Pits: Municipal Waste, Flotsam and Jetsam, Artillery
THE PRICE IS WRONG BOB: After just releasing their newest music video for the single 'Wrong Answer' last week, Noisecreep went out to the set during the making of the music video to meet up with the band and also touch base with director Dave Brodsky, who's had his hand in a number of other videos, including Through the Eyes of the Dead, Shai Hulud, Arsis and many more...
Split Lips & Circle Pits: Artillery, Swashbuckle, Lazarus A.D.
Well with a full recovery from this year's New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester, MA I'm back into the grind and ready to deliver for all your thrashing needs. Here's what's going on in the pit this week. WHEN THRASH COMES: With a new album in the works, Danish thrashers Artillery have unveiled their latest album artwork for their fifth studio release, 'When Death Comes' along with