Gwen Stacy Stood on Apostle Peter’s Grave
Brent Schindler, bassist for Gwen Stacy, ran into some trouble on a recent tour of Europe, but not as much trouble in which tourmates Poison the Well and 36Crazyfists found themselves. "Poison the Well and 36 Crazyfists got into a bar fight the second day," Brent recounts for Noisecreep...
Gwen Stacy’s Workhorse Tour Schedule
"They say the more you tour, the more money you make," Gwen Stacy bassist and vocalist Brent Schindler told Noisecreep. If touring were the sole means of survival for a group of five guys, then Gwen Stacy have put all their proverbial eggs in this one basket...
Once Nothing’s Final Show, Future Plans
"I love everything associated with this band." Those were words of the affable Once Nothing vocalist Todd Lowry, at the band's final show at the Altar Bar in the Strip District of Pittsburgh on Sunday, April 5. Fitting nicely into the self-designated "blue collar metal" position on Solid State Records, they only released one album on the label and still held big sway in the lo