If you saw the new Sylvester Stallone blow-'em-up 'The Expendables,' you got a chance to hear 'Sinner's Prayer.' The track is the first single from Godsmack's Sully Erna debut solo album, 'Avalon.' 'Sinner's Prayer' is miles away from the stomping hard rock of Godsmack. The song is comprised of woodwind instrumentation, chanting and orchestrated strings filling out a world beat-influenced midtempo song.

"This is a series of beautifully arranged compositions that I have created over many years. Some compositions are newer, written with the help of my solo bandmates," the frontman wrote on Godsmack's blog when first introducing his solo work of seven years. 'Sinner's Prayer,' written specifically for the film, is one of the newer songs.

Erna played some of the earlier written songs for a friend who was an editor on 'The Expendables.' Word spread on the nature of these songs, and soon Stallone was calling and asking for a song. 'Sinner's Prayer' was tailored to capture one specific scene in the film.

'Avalon' is due out on Sept. 14th, and Godsmack hit the road at the end of the month for a string of dates in support of 'The Oracle.'

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