Suburban Scum not only possesses one of the coolest band names around today, they also happen to dish out some of the fiercest hardcore you'll hear anywhere. Formed in 2007, the New Jersey combo's meat and potatoes arrangement style and brash songwriting brings to mind greats like Sick of it All and Cro-Mags.

'Hanging by a Thread,' Suburban Scum's upcoming 5-song EP for 6131 Records won't be out till Jan. 10, but Noisecreep has the exclusive premiere of 'Nature of the Beast,' a face-smasher off the disc.

Listen to 'Nature of the Beast' From Suburban Scum

Suburban Singer R.D.T. breaks down the inspiration behind 'Nature of the Beast' for Noisecreep:

"Every single song on our new record is extremely personal and covers a different topic: humanity, faith, depression, temptation, and love. 'Nature of the Beast' covers the battle of depression. I feel like everyone has insecurities within themselves and days where you feel the weight of the world lies on your back. As I get older things seem to get a lot scarier. Life is a beautiful thing but it also has its dark days.

"Friends fade away. Love comes and goes. The process of change is hard to swallow. This song was written for anyone who's ever been affected by change and the people who feel that no matter what, they are hopeless and lost in life. The beast is your mind and it's up to you to find a way to get past whatever it is that's holding you down. You have to learn to love yourself before anyone else."

The lyrics in the song go:

"Trying to breathe while self-pity swallows me / It's like every step is one closer to death and I want to believe / Believe that there's meaning in life / want to rise above the feeling of feeling nothing and never having enough."

Damn, that's some heavy stuff! 'Nature of the Beast' is clearly one of those songs where the lyrics match the music's intensity.

6131 Records
6131 Records

You can pre-order Suburban Scum's 'Hanging by a Thread' EP at this link.