Most metalheads can probably agree that hard rock and metal are the best types of music to get you going in the gym. A recent study by Velotric Bike has revealed the Top 3 metal bands people listen to for a good pump while exercising.

For the study, Velotric surveyed 1,000 "fitness fanatics" about the types of music they listen to while exercising, with 51 percent of the respondents being from the millennial generation. They also used Spotify's application programming interface (API) to gather workout songs and genres, and compiled 33 playlists with 5,411 songs by 1,508 different artists.

The report found that 93 percent of people feel that they need to listen to music when they work out. The Top 5 artists participants said they play during a workout are Michael Jackson, Eminem, Queen, Drake and — drumroll please — Metallica.

Though we would choose metal as our top genre of choice for working out, pop was actually the most popular genre, with 42 percent of participants saying it's their exercise music of choice. Next was hip-hop and rap, then classic rock, and heavy metal came in at No. 4.

As for the Top 3 heavy metal artists fitness fanatics listen to, 25 percent chose Metallica, 22 percent chose Pantera and 22 percent chose Iron Maiden. Those selections, we can absolutely get behind. As for the classic rock artists, Queen, Pink Floyd and The Beatles were the Top 3 contenders.

Velotric's study further added that people were more likely to listen to genres with a higher average beats per minute (BPM) while working out, as 38 percent of the participants cited it as the most important element of the music they play. The second most important aspect was the bass, and third was the tempo.

Ultimately, if you don't already have Metallica, Pantera and Iron Maiden in your workout playlist, it's time to do some re-evaluating. See some graphs from the study below and check out all of the details here.

Velotric Study of Exercise Music Genres
2022 Velotric Bike Survey

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