Though Ozzy Osbourne has put a $25,000 reward for info leading to the return of Randy Rhoads-related items absconded in a recent Thanksgiving night theft, several of the items have already turned up.

According to Los Angeles' ABC News affiliate, a keen eyed viewer who had seen the report on the theft spotted some of the missing Rhoads items in a dumpster.

Local resident Bobbi Fredriksz says she spotted a guitar and photos in a dumpster as she was walking her dog early Sunday morning (Dec. 8). When she saw the news report about the theft, it dawned on her what she had come across.

"As I was laying in bed, not feeling well, when it came on I was like wait a minute, oh my God," Fredriksz said. "I ran all the way back over here it was still here. Somebody else started to see it and called police." While waiting on the police, she pulled a few of the items from the dumpster to protect them from the rain.

The Musonia School and Museum in North Hollywood has long had an association with the Rhoads family, as Randy had taught there prior to his death and his mother had helped to run the school. On Thanksgiving night, a theft occurred at the Musonia school, with thieves taking memorabilia, some of Randy's gear and more. Among the items taken was the first guitar that Rhoads had ever played.

After hearing of the theft, Osbourne put up $25,000 reward for info leading to the return of the items or the capture and prosecution of the thieves.

"We're really thankful the Osbournes sent a message out to the community yesterday," said Nick D'Argenzio, Rhoads' nephew, told ABC. "I think that's what spread the word further. We're grateful to the Osbournes for helping promote the news about it."

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