After Steven Tyler fell from the stage during an Aerosmith performance and got hurt, their remaining tour dates were scrapped. The cancellations caused tension amongst the Boston rockers, and tempers flared: the members of Aerosmith tried to kick Steven Tyler out of the band, but the singer fought back.

While the feud played out online and via social media, rumors swirled that Tyler would become a new judge on 'American Idol.' It turned out that the rumors were true, and the offer couldn't have come at a better time for Tyler.

"Did I take this job to show the band? F---, yeah," Tyler admits in the new issue of Rolling Stone. "Not to show them, but that I can't be held hostage anymore. I will be my own hostage. The band can't throw me out."

Since Tyler accepted the 'Idol' position, Aerosmith have reportedly worked out their differences and are making progress on a new record.

You can watch Tyler on 'American Idol' every Wednesday and Thursday night on FOX.

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