Aerosmith, namely singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry, were the subject of a 60 Minutes profile, for the Australian version of the news magazine.

In the 13-minute piece, Tyler says they realistically blew $5 to $6 million on drugs." The singer chalks it up to the rock star life, saying "We snorted half of Peru. It's what we did."

The always quippy frontman confessed, "I am as good a drug addict as I am a singer and a father. I am that good at trying to make myself feel good. But it takes me down and seals me like a crook." Sounds like he is self-aware, thanks to a cocktail of rehab and therapy, and knowing who he is on a base level.

The interview also spotlights Tyler and Perry's tumultuous relationship. The twosome -- famously referred to as the 'Toxic Twins' -- have a typical push and pull, which often occurs between lead singers and guitarists, with Tyler admitting he is inflicted with LSD -- Lead Singer's Disease.

But through the arguments, break ups, addictions, rehab and babies being born, they function like a marriage, where they fall in and out of love.

Tyler reveals he was called "pinhead" and "nigger lips" while growing up, which sucked at the time, but is now a badge of honor for him.

He spoke about how his two season stint as an American Idol judge raised the band's stock "270 percent." Both he and Perry admit that there is no Aerosmith without Steven Tyler or without Joe Perry, even though the band tried to replace him when he was being courted by Idol.

"I've gotten more laughs out of him than anything else, for all the arguing and for all 'The Toxic Twins,'" Perry said. "We're brothers. That doesn't seem to go away."

Tyler said it best, "I can't live without them. I don't want to. It's honest glue and honest love, wrapped up in codependency."

Watch the 60 Minutes Interview Here

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