Steve Vai and, the online continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, have accomplished their goal of setting the Guinness® World Record for the world's largest online guitar lesson. The lesson attracted over 7,000 students who participated in a celebration of online music education and earned Vai a spot in the record books at the same time.

Guinness certified the world record after attracted 4,455 students over the first 15 minutes to the lesson. donated $7,000 -- a dollar for each student that took part in the lesson -- to the Steve Vai Online Scholarship Fund. The fund assists outstanding students in's multi-course certificate programs.

In addition to the group lesson, and Steve Vai have teamed up to further push music education into the digital era. Vai has co-authored a new twelve-week online course: Steve Vai Guitar Techniques. The course offers students a chance to gain a deep understanding of Vai's death-defying techniques, repertoire, styles, and musical concepts from anywhere in the world.

"I hope this [world] record encourages players to continue to cultivate their own unique style and spirit on the guitar," said Vai. "I think this record really showcases the interest that exists in guitar education worldwide. It was a true pleasure working with an institution like Berkleemusic, who shares my interest in helping to bring more skilled musicians into the world."

Vai, a Berklee alum, is currently finishing a new solo album. If you want to relive the record-making online guitar lesson, go here.

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