Remember when Steve-O got an off-road tattoo while Henry Rollins drove him to Hell? Steve’s got a permanent reminder of the Jackass: The Movie stunt, and he told us the back story in an exclusive interview.

When we asked about Steve’s apparent dissatisfaction at the end of the stunt, he chalked up his reaction to being extremely high on cocaine. “I thought it was gonna be Nikki Sixx driving this Hummer,” Steve says. “I had a picture of me and Nikki Sixx and I showed up just doing lines off it. I thought he would be impressed by that or something.”

Turns out Sixx couldn’t make the shoot, so Henry Rollins stepped in, unbeknownst to Steve-O. “I thought it was a prank where they were gonna have Rollins beat me up, because I felt there was some good reason for Rollins to want to beat me up, because some things that I had said about sharing a lover with him to Howard Stern. Rollins couldn’t have been a cooler dude.”

Steve-O also told us how he became a metalhead, starting with Iron Maiden at 10 years old. “Listening to [The Number of the Beast] I discovered I was a metalhead,” Steve recalls. “Later that year, I was 11 when I got my first Motley Crue album, which was Shout at the Devil. I felt like that showed me why I was a metalhead … When I was 12, I got my first Slayer album, and that, I attribute to showing me how bad the situation really was.”

Check out our interview with Steve-O above and click here to grab ticket’s for his comedy tour.

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