Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris thinks the British band has a shelf life and that it doesn't have another 10 years left! Whoa. That's like a bullet through the heart of the Maiden faithful. But relax, he did explain that he thinks the band has at least another five good years remaining. So there is some gas left in the tank and a silver lining to that black cloud.

When asked if he could do the band for another decade, due to his physical fitness, Harris said, "I don't know about 10 years, but I think we've certainly got another five years in us but it's hard to say. As you get older it gets doubly hard to keep yourself fit and in shape. We do work really hard on doing that. It's important to us. We'd be selling ourselves and everyone else short if we didn't, so we do look after ourselves. It does get tougher. I don't play football much anymore, but I play a lot of tennis. Partly because I've had so many problems with my back that I can only play the odd match here or there. Unfortunately, it's five years since I've played a full season of football and that's something that I miss a lot, but I had to make a decision." [The Quietus]

I Am War
's have just unveiled their video for the cleverly titled "Uninvite Me to Your Facebook Party."

"'Uninvite Me to Your Facebook Party' is a super-fast, tongue in cheek number about how ridiculous social media can be when people become too obsessed and attached to it," singer Alex Varkatzas said. "The video itself was a blast to record. Lots of high energy footage of I Am War tearing it up and sweating bullets in the process. The perfect recipe for a killer video!"

Watch 'Uninvite Me to Your Facebook Party' Video

[Via Press Release]

Want to listen to Pig Destroyer's Book Burner, in all of its grindcore glory? Well, you can, as it is streaming online. Try before you buy. Also, there is more Pig Destroyer coming your way next week, when the video for "The Diplomat" debuts. But let's get to the task at hand. Go listen to the full stream of Book Burner here. [Via Press Release]

Emmure have dropped off the Ill Nino tour, which dealt with a blow earlier this month when Static-X left the trek prematurely. Emmure's Frankie Palmieri posted:"To all the fans in Lubbock and other remaining Static X – Noise Revolution dates. We are sorry we had to cancel. Shit happens we'll be back." He's right. Shit does indeed happen, especially when you are a touring band. [The PRP]

Sister Sin
have shared their video for "End of the Line." It mixes plot footage (a girl in an asylum, aircrafts in flight) with raucous and raw performance clips. Rawr. If you've got a few minutes, hand 'em over to Sister Sin. It's a rowdy vid.

Watch 'End of the Line' Video