If you’ve caught Steel Panther on their "Sunset Strip Live!" tour, you’ve already celebrated the history of heavy metal with the band, as they rattled off their best originals with some iconic covers. One moment that’s left fans in stitches every night, however, is when Michael Starr impersonates Ozzy Osbourne while covering “Crazy Train.”

We all know the Panther have nothing but love for our heavy metal heroes, but Starr’s imitation of Ozzy is complete savagery. Coming out in a long-sleeve black shirt, the Steel Panther singer hobbles around the stage and mimics Ozzy’s mannerisms perfectly. Slightly hunched over and looking absolutely baffled to be onstage, Starr does Osbourne’s clapping, stage moves and classic lines like, “We love you!” and “Let me see your hands!”

Michael Starr has proven for many years that he can also do a perfect David Lee Roth, but his Ozzy voice is uncanny as well. Bellowing out the lyrics to “Crazy Train,” Starr even makes sure to slur his words at times or completely forget them.

Watch Steel Panther perform “Crazy Train” in the clip above and take a look at their "Sunset Strip Live!" tour dates so you can catch the Panther in person.

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