In 2009, Static-X issued their sixth album, Cult of Static, and the special edition was packaged with two bonus tracks, one of them being a cover of Motley Crue's "Looks That Kill." Now, the track has appeared on streaming services, courtesy of Warner Archives.

On the surface, Static-X and Motley Crue may seem like two bands that are worlds apart, but there's some commonalities between the industrial/nu-metal outfit and hair metal's most notorious group. Tommy Lee's anthemic, driving drum beats carry over quite well within the framework of Static-X and the drummer's interest in rap and hip-hop helps build that bridge as well.

The camaraderie between Lee and the band was apparent when the Crue skinsman joined Static-X onstage in 2009 at the House of Blues in Hollywood to play the hit song from Crue's 1983 record, Shout at the Devil.

Regarding Cult of Static, "Looks That Kill" wasn't Static-X's sole venture into '80s glam territory as "Still of the Night," a Whitesnake cover, was issued as an iTunes bonus track and a cover of Poison's "Talk Dirty To Me" was part of a special edition download.

Listen to Static-X's version of "Looks That Kill" directly below and watch footage of Tommy Lee sitting in with the band in 2009 beneath that.

Prior to the release of Project: Regeneration Vol. 1 earlier this year, Cult of Static served as the final album from the band. After the death of frontman Wayne Static in 2014, the band regrouped and poured through pre-existing recordings and ideas to release the new record. Numerous tracks also feature original vocal recordings by Wayne.

In the singer's place, the band tapped an anonymous singer, dubbed Xer0. Many suspect it to be Edsel Dope, though the band won't formally reveal this information despite saying that "everyone knows" who it truly is.

Static-X, "Looks That Kill" (Motley Crue cover)

Static-X, "Looks That Kill" Live in 2009 With Motley Crue's Tommy Lee

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