Singer-songwriter St. Vincent just recently announced her seventh album Daddy's Home, which she originally planned to make sound like Tool. Though it turned out more reminiscent of the '70s than the '90s, she assures that she eventually will get to making a heavy, Tool-esque record.

"The crazy thing about music is, you can plan and plan and think you're gonna go one way, and then you start writing and the music just takes you wherever the music takes you. That was certainly the experience with this. I was dead set in my mind I was just gonna make this like, heavy record," she told

"Like just heavy the whole time -- like, 'hey kids, you like Tool? Well, you'll love the St. Vincent record,' you know?"

Though the singer admitted to going "down a road with that," it didn't amount to anything the way she had previously envisioned. Thus, the result is more related to early '70s Stevie Wonder and Sly and the Family Stone.

She did, however, enjoy her time revisiting Tool and other heavier music in the meantime. So, she promises she will release something along those lines sonically at some point.

"We'll get there, don't worry," she said.

Listen to the full interview below.

The musician actually posted a clip of herself singing and playing the Ænima track "Forty Six & 2" last summer, which received praise from Adam Jones. Approval doesn't get much more important than when it's coming from the musician who originated the song themselves.

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