Yet another company has entered the ticket-selling market — the massive streaming platform Spotify, which has just launched its own Spotify Tickets website to sell concert and event tickets directly to their listeners, rather than redirecting them to other vendors such as Ticketmaster.

"Your destination for live events by creators you love, ticketed by Spotify," the site reads. Only seven artists are featured on the page so far, including Dirty Honey, Limbeck, Crows and a few others. The Dirty Honey show fans can buy tickets for is part of their California Dreamin' tour, and is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 6 at the Ventura Music Hall in Ventura, Calif. Fellow rockers Dorothy and Mac Saturn are set to play the show as well, according to the event details.

Users can also see which concerts they have tickets for under the "My Events" tab, as well as their past orders. See an image of the Live Events page below.

Pitchfork reports that the site just launched yesterday (Aug. 10). A spokesperson on behalf of Spotify confirmed to Billboard that it's just serving as a test for now, and the company doesn't have any further updates to share regarding the feature at this time. Apparently, the purpose is to let Spotify users see when the artists they're listening to will be performing so that they don't miss out on their concerts, and also to prevent them from closing the Spotify app in order to purchase tickets from other sites.

"This helps ease the burden on fans, reduce the competition artists need to contend with to stand out, and create new efficiencies around marketing," Sam Sheridan, product manager for Live Events Discovery explained of the idea in a Spotify blog post in late June, which first announced the feature.

As of now, it's unclear how artists can partner with Spotify to be included on their Live Events page, or how they'll be compensated as a result.

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