THE PRICE IS WRONG BOB: After just releasing their newest music video for the single 'Wrong Answer' last week, Noisecreep went out to the set during the making of the music video to meet up with the band and also touch base with director Dave Brodsky, who's had his hand in a number of other videos, including Through the Eyes of the Dead, Shai Hulud, Arsis and many more. Sitting down with drummer Dave Witte, he told Noisecreep, "Throughout the whole process, everything has had such a smooth transition from start to finish and been nothing but good times."

Working for the first time with Brodsky, he was quick to praise the band, because "there's nothing prissy about these guys. They have an awesome sense of humor, and really brought some good ideas forward for the concept of the video."

The video is available online in its original uncensored form. For those squeamish of gore, you've been forewarned.

IF ONLY WE WERE THE NETHERLANDS: This past weekend, thrashers young and old commiserated in Rijssen, Netherlands for the annual Elsrock Festival. Acts including Flotsam and Jetsam, Sodom and the 20th Anniversary Reunion Show of Mucky Pup performed for the event. For all those that were unable to attend (myself included), pictures of the weekend's festivities have been made available onine.

ROCKING HARD IN 2010: With ample time and early planning, the first installment of next year's Rock Hard Festival taking place May 21-23 in Germany has confirmed that Kreator, Evile and Artillery will be on the bill. As more news develops and additional bands are announced, Noisecreep will keep you up to date on all the festival happenings.

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