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Roadrunner Records

Max Cavalera of Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Sepultura, fame is known for partnering with a wide array of artists, ranging from Fred Durst to Chino Moreno to even Sean Lennon over the years. On Soulfly's 'Omen,' Cavalera teamed up with The Dillinger Escape Plan's vocal maniac Greg Puciato for the song 'Rise of the Fallen.' That collaboration went so well that the duo are working together once again on an as-yet unnamed project.

Puciato posted a photo on his website of a CDR with both their initials scrawled on it, in a metallic script, of course. The screamer also issued a Facebook update on the project:

"Day two out here on this writing session with Max. Hotter than f--- in the middle of the Phoenix desert. Snakes and scorpions abound....drawn to the deafening noise coming from the room. Demoing heavy music the best way blistering volumes, no headphones, guitars and mics everywhere, all plugged in at all times, sweating and uncomfortable like we're fifteen in a garage again. Maybe haven't heard Max sound this pissed since 'Chaos A.D.' Okay, time to get to work. Just checkin' in."

We can't even call that a teaser. That's a lot of information that certainly wets metal appetites. got further details from Cavalera himself, who said, "Everybody ask me, 'Hey Max, are you gonna do another Nailbomb?' and the answer is always 'No,' because we killed Nailbomb on purpose. So when Greg approached me with an idea of a project, I said I'll do it, but it has to be like Nailbomb. I'm gonna share the vocals with Greg. We're gonna have a bunch of killer guest musicians, and it'll be the closest thing to a Nailbomb experience. I promise you it is going to be heavy as f---, angry as f---, and aggressive as f---. Me and Greg are pissed off and we're coming your way!!!!"

Consider that fair warning as f---.

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