After posting (and then deleting) a statement announcing they have parted ways with Craig Jones after 27 years, Slipknot have shared a creepy photo of their apparent new mystery member.

The group hit the stage in Austria today (June 7) and played their first show without keyboardist Jones since revealing the change in the lineup just moments before the concert started. Percussionist Clown was also absent from the show and will continue to sit out an undetermined amount of upcoming gigs to tend to his wife who he said is experiencing "some health issues."

Slipknot also played two songs — "The Blister Exists" and "Purity" — for the first time in eight years, while also dusting off "Liberate" for the first time since 2016 and giving "Yen," from last year's The End, So Far, its live debut.

See the photo of the new member directly below and view Slipknot's June 7 setlist further down the page.

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This mystery member if the first to join Slipknot since Michael Pfaff, affectionally dubbed "Tortilla Man" by fans, replaced Chris Fehn. At first, Pfaff was a touring member of the band from 2019 before being unveiled as an official member in 2021.

Before Slipknot took down their statement that was shared across social media, their message said, "To our fans, Slipknot is announcing that we have parted ways with Craig Jones. We wish Jones all the best for the future."

A post shared by Knotest which also contained the news of the lineup change, however, remains active.

Slipknot on Tour

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Slipknot Setlist — June 7, 2023 (via

First show without Craig Jones, Clown absent for private reasons

01. "The Blister Exists" (first time since 2015)
02. "The Dying Song (Time to Sing)"
03. "Liberate" (first time since 2016)
04. "Yen" (live debut)
05. "Psychosocial"
06. "The Devil in I"
07. "The Heretic Anthem"
08. "Eyeless"
09. "Wait and Bleed"
10. "Unsainted"
11. "Snuff"
12. "Purity" (first time since 2015)
13. "People = Shit"
14. "Surfacing"
15. "Duality"
16. "Spit It Out"

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