Slipknot both bewildered and excited fans on Monday (Jan. 13) with a series of short, cryptic videos spread across their social media outposts. Each clip contains a faceless, shadowy figure seemingly draped in a veil or other head covering and brandishing a sharp weapon that appears to be a knife.

What's perhaps more perplexing is that one in the string of videos that emerged on the band's official Instagram page points to another account entirely. Indeed, the handle @thehueisblack01 appears beneath the first of the nine Instagram visuals. See all of the videos down toward the bottom of this post.

In the order they were shared, the remaining Instagram clips contain the following captions: "Fertilization Deployment," "The New Individual," "The Esoteric Oneself or Someone," "Dreams of Crops," "Matured Ovule," "Fertilization Evacuation," "Allure of Indignation" and "Death Because of Death."

The corresponding Twitter update from the band, which contains the same imagery as well as a similarly spooky soundtrack that eventually breaks out into a drum cadence, contains only a one-word message. "Soon," it reads.

Should a visitor head over to @thehueisblack01's Instagram account, they will find another photo page filled with nine animated visuals. However, these clips are all the same, depicting the circular Slipknot logo overlaid with what appears to be a fertilized human egg. That would seem to correlate with the Instagram captions concerned with reproductive themes. However, it's currently unclear what Slipknot project or related entity these videos are teasing. Maybe a new song, video or tour announcement from the group is on the way.

Last month, Slipknot released a music video for "Nero Forte," a track from the band's latest effort, We Are Not Your Kind. The act will tour EuropeJapan and beyond this year. Get Slipknot concert tickets here.

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