Continuity is a big element in the success of many acts and while no one really yearns for a lineup change, on occasion the fit is just perfect. Slayer feel that's the case with the addition of Exodus guitarist Gary Holt to their lineup.

Holt initially came on board as a fill-in after Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman was bitten by a spider and required extended physical therapy after suffering a flesh-eating bacterial disease as a result. He remained with the band after the death Hanneman in 2013 and has split time between Exodus and Slayer in recent years.

Speaking with Metal Hammer about Holt's contributions to the band in recent years, Slayer guitarist Kerry King states, "It's one of the best fits in music history. It's like Brian Johnson joining AC/DC -- it's a slam dunk replacement and you don't get those very often. He was my first choice, and luckily I've been able to use my first choice since day one. Also, he's from my own era. He's been doing this for the exact same time that we have."

Vocalist Tom Araya added, "I couldn't have handled anybody else. Gary was into it. He knew what was going one [with Hanneman] and he wanted to help in any way he could, so Gary made Slayer a comfortable place to be."

Holt, along with returning drummer Paul Bostaph, will round out the lineup for Slayer as they prepare to release a new album this August. Expect official details on the new disc to be revealed shortly.

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