Slash, the soft spoken axe man of Guns N' Roses, has joined an internet campaign to get late blues guitarist Rory Gallagher into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For years, Slash has sung the praise of the Irish guitarist, recently taking to the Tweetosphere to help spread the word.

"Please sign this petition to help get Rory Gallagher inducted into RRHF," Slash wrote to his fans. The lobby itself states "We, the undersigned, declare that Rory Gallagher, Irish Blues guitarist and songwriter, should be inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame as soon as possible. Rory Gallagher is now eligible for induction as his first record was released more than 25 years ago."

Gallagher has performed alongside and recorded with some of music's greatest, including jazz phenom Joe Bonamassa and blues legend Muddy Waters. Gallagher, who was a part of blues group the Mississippi Sheiks, died following a liver transplant in 1995. Hopefully, Slash can help keep the memory of this amazing guitarist alive.

Jump over to iPetition to lend your vote and share your memories of Rory Gallagher below.

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