"I've had live albums out before, but this is my first one with the solo band," says Slash. The legendary guitarist is on the phone with Noisecreep promoting his upcoming live album (his first), 'Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy: Made in Stoke: 24/7/11.' Recorded in Stoke-on-Trent, England this past summer, the album was a sort of homecoming for Slash, born Saul Hudson on July 23, 1965.

"Just to set the record straight, I wasn't born in Stoke-on-Trent. I was actually born in Hampstead, London. But I was raised in Stoke-on-Trent until I was 6 and I loved it there. I'm actually from a small town within that called Blurton. Believe it or not, Stoke-on-Trent was famous for its pottery," laughs Slash.

The guitar hero looks back at his childhood in England with fondness. "I had so much fun during that time period. When you're that age, you really start taking in a lot of information and I think that's why I have many vivid memories of England.

"It was cool because everyone knew one another. It was a cozy and homey type of place. Then we also had that brilliant English weather there too, but that's OK [laughs]. But the countryside was beautiful and I remember being in school with our little uniforms and the lollipop lady walking across the street. That kind of stuff I'll always remember."

Noisecreep is stoked (see what we did there?) to bring you the exclusive premiere of 'Beggars & Hangers On,' from 'Made in Stoke 24/7/11.' Check it below along with the rest of our interview with Slash where continues to tell us about his childhood in England.

Listen to 'Beggars & Hangers On' From Slash

Slash tells Noisecreep his first glimpse into the rock 'n' roll subculture came during those early years in the UK. "My dad used to take me into London all the time by train. It was such a different world there. It was interesting to see the whole art, music and hippie culture, happening there and then going back to my little life in Blurton."

The Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver guitarist's parents are both in the arts. His mother Ola was a costume designer who counted David Bowie as a client, and his father Anthony created album covers. "My mom is from Los Angeles and she met my dad in Europe. I think I was conceived in Paris. Anyway, we eventually moved to Los Angeles because the entertainment industry was there. It was a huge culture shock for me once we did get to L.A. The energy level there exploded, where in Blurton it was so much more quiet and familiar. So it took time for me to get used to the vibe in America."

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Although he's lived most of his life in Los Angeles, Slash admits that he still misses the small-town charm of Blurton. "To this day, I still have deep feelings for that place. I do miss living in England, specifically Blurton, because that time was so sweet for me. But I have no regrets about moving to Los Angeles. Most of the things in my career are a direct result of me living in California and the things I learned there. I wouldn't change that for anything."

'Slash featuring Myles Kennedy: Made in Stoke 27/7/11,' will hit stores on Nov. 15th via Eagle Rock Entertainment.

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