Skeletonwitch aren't letting any grass grow under their feet after wrapping up this summer's truncated Ozzfest. The band, which admits that it lives for the road, is headed out on the North American Skullsplitter 2010 trek this fall, doling out their blackened blend of thrash to anyone smart enough to listen and/or head out to the venues.

They've got labelmates Withered and Landmine Marathon riding sidecar for the full complement of dates. Skeletonwitch spent a few weeks writing new material while off tour, but they had to answer the call of the road.

"Skeletonwitch f---ing loves to tour," guitarist Scott Hedrick told Noiscereep. "So much so that we always have a great time; even when the bands around us are miserable ... f---ing pussies!

"Anyway, touring is a hell of a lot better when you have friends on board. With that in mind, we're pleased to announce that we'll be bringing along Withered and Landmine Marathon. Great bands, great friends. Can't ask for much more. Except maybe for some money from Prosthetic Records, since we're bringing along two bands from the roster. Pay up guys!"

Hedrick was also quick to point out that the band "can't wait to see everyone on the road" and that other than the Skeletonwitch tour dates, they're "deep in the writing process and perhaps we'll bust out a new tune or two. Stay sick!"