Skeletonwitch"This song is about human torture," Skeletonwitch frontman Chance Garnette said before announcing the jam in a demonic growl. "Submit to the Suffering!"

Like Municipal Waste, Warbringer, Toxic Holocaust and many other jean jacket vest wearing lads, Skeletonwitch are bringing back evil '80s-era thrash. And their performances are just as fun as their god-repelling songs.

"Smoke weed Long Island!" Garnette shouted to the crowd. The front row was all horns and hair twirls throughout the Ohioians set on Nov. 3 at the Crazy Donkey in Long Island. Skeletonwitch played just before the Black Dahlia Murder and right after their revival counterparts Toxic Holocaust.

"Die! Die! Die!" Garnette pointed at all the fans while he screamed. The the song ended abruptly, and he immediately thanked the audience. It was an extreme contrast of mean and courteous all in the same breath.

The band's latest album is titled 'Breathing the Fire.' When it came out in October, it debuted at 151 on the Billboard 200 chart. And if you live near New York City, you can catch the 'Witch on Nov. 14 with Black Anvil at Union Pool. The band will also do a European tour with Goatwhore and Toxic Holocaust in December.

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