Blackened (and largely bearded) extreme metallers Skelentonwitch have shared the track listing, serpentine cover and Oct. 29 release date for their new album 'Serpents Unleashed,' along with offering a free download of 'Burned From Bone.' Ohio's Skeletonwitch were clearly in a generous mood to unveil all this information about the new record.

'Serpents Unleashed' follows 2011's 'Forever Abomination' as the band celebrates its 10th year of making a glorious metal racket and launching an unapologetic metallic assault.

Converge's Kurt Ballou recorded the album at his GodCity Studios, while Baroness' John Baizley created the cover art for the first time since 2007's 'Beyond the Permafrost.' It's all in the metal family with 'Serpents Unleashed.'

Grab the free download of the song 'Burned From Bone' by texting "SERPENTS" to 24587. The pre-order for the album is pretty sweet via Bandcamp and includes an audio cassette option. We know, anyone born after 1995 is asking "What's that?" Details on the configurations are here and there's lots being offered for collector types.

Be sure and watch the behind-the-scenes footage of the band recording the track and putting a hurtin' on their instruments below!

'Serpents Unleashed' Track Listing:

1. 'Serpents Unleashed'
2. 'Beneath Dead Leaves'
3. 'I Am of Death (Hell Has Arrived)'
4. 'From a Cloudless Sky'
5. 'Burned From Bone'
6. 'Unending, Everliving'
7. 'Blade on the Flesh, Blood on My Hands'
8. 'This Evil Embrace'
9. 'Unwept'
10. 'Born of the Light That Does Not Shine'
11. 'More Cruel Than Weak'

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage of 'Burned From Bone'