Six Feet Under

With their third collection of covers, 'Graveyard Classics 3,' upon us on Jan. 19 through longtime label Metal Blade, Florida groove-death bludgeoners Six Feet Under will remain fully on the metal radar for the foreseeable future. They're doing a quick traipse through Europe, only to return home to start work on a studio album.

"[Guitarist] Steve [Swanson] already had some ideas together and is mapping tempos and certain ideas he wants to accomplish," Barnes told Noisecreep. "There are things we are already talking about."

Barnes and the rest of the crew aren't just going to talk about ideas at this point, though. They're getting stuff done. "We will get in the jam room and throw ideas back and forth in January and get into the studio in the summer, maybe July or August, to work on the album."

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