Welcome back Sinsaenum. As the band starts to ramp up promotion heading toward their Repulsion for Humanity album, we've got a new song and video to share. The group just unleashed the crushing "Final Resolve" for fans to check out.

With sludgy verses and a pummeling wall of heaviness in the chorus, the track is a powerful first statement for the upcoming disc. The video is a performance piece, with some camera techniques thrown in to make it interesting. The band performs in a spacious warehouse, but close ranks as they play in a circle surrounding drummer Joey Jordison, with the shots moving back and forth between the band members.

Frédéric Leclercq says, "It is still death metal, it's undeniable. But we found it interesting to mix it with other elements that we all like. This is only one aspect of the album and what Sinsaenum is about – 'Final Resolve' is just an obvious first single due to its catchiness. Because yes, it is possible to play death metal and be catchy [laughs]."

It should also be noted that while Attila Csihar is absent from the video, he remains part of the group. "Attila is still a member of Sinsaenum," explains Leclercq. "He contributed to some backing vocals and lyrics but basically had to step out of this album/tour cycle. Nevertheless, he is still one of us. We have his full 'blessings' on the new recordings — we were in constant communication during the recording of Repulsion... and Sean [Zatorsky] did an amazing job on vocals."

"Ave Sin-Bloods!," said Attila himself. "Because of my duties with my other bands, I could not take part as much as I wanted in the latest Sinsaenum recordings. But that does not mean that I stopped playing with the band — it is just temporary. Check out our new album because it will shave your goosebumps, it's a frightmare!! We will never stop to open the depths of hell in your souls. Stay tuned and raise your demons!"

As stated, "Final Resolve" will be part of the band's Repulsion for Humanity album. The disc is due Aug. 10 via earMUSIC. Look for the group back out on tour in Europe this fall, with U.S. tour plans still being determined.

Sinsaenum, Repulsion for Humanity Artwork


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