"It can't be like Type O or it'd be a joke," says Seventh Void guitarist Kenny Hickey, who doubles as Type O Negative's guitarist. "I've been in Type O since 1989. It's a weird, strange band so I wanted to do something different. Some Type O fans will like it but the majority of them won't, since the atmospheric, romantic quality is not in this band, at all."

Hickey was quick to point out to Noisecreep that "I'll straighten 'em out of if they get confused," referring to people questioning the future of his main band in the wake of this offshoot project. "We're not giving it up."

Seventh Void may be new to the world, but it was conceived six years ago and subsequently parked on the backburner while Hickey and drummer Johnny Kelly committed to their main band. Seventh Void differs from Type O in that it emits less of a goth vibe in favor of classic rock . The typical, desert-dry Type O sense 'o humor, however, remains in tact. Hickey said, "Type O Negative is an iconic band. The music is complex. The personalities are complex. That's not to say this band is not complex. It's just a new group of assholes."

As for why he assembled Seventh Void, Hickey admitted, "I wanted to do a straight-up hard rock band, something simple where I didn't have to think about it so much. It has the tastes and flavors that me and Johnny love, like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and AC/DC, along with modern stuff like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains." Hickey isn't shy about claiming "this type of music is in my blood. Doom and playing slow and heavy? I can't write any other way." Hickey wrote all the lyrics and took high-impact experiences of the last ten years and mined them for inspiration. "It's not uplifting," he said. "It's about friends who've passed away from overdoses, stuff like that. I draw directly from experience."

Seventh Void will spend the next month supporting Static-X and its debut, the slow-grinding 'Heaven is Gone,' out soon through Vinnie Paul's Big Vin Records.

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