Lajon Witherspoon - SevendustSevendust is about to release a new album. To ring in the new year, the alternative rockers played a special three-show run to get back in the groove of playing live. Like most bands, Sevendust have experienced a series of highs and lows since forming back in 1992. Now the band is ready to focus on the future and push full steam ahead into the new decade.

"We just recently finished our new album with Johnny K. in Chicago at Groovemaster Studios, and it was really cool to work with him," Lajon Witherspoon tells Noisecreep backstage in Birmingham, Ala. "We had a writer come in a do a couple songs. We're excited about it. With guitarist Clint [Lowery] being back in the band, it's like the beginning again. It's pretty exciting for us."

Using outside writers isn't common for Sevendust, but the band thought it was worth a shot. Previous albums have featured guest appearances by other famous rockers, including Witherspoon's friend Chris Daughtry. This time, Sevendust kept it in the family.

"We worked with Corey Lowery, Clint's brother," continues Witherspoon. "85 percent of the album, vocally -- me and him did together. That's like my right hand man. He's the bass player for Eye Empire. I've always worked with Corey, and he's always worked with us."

Right now, Sevendust haven't announced a title for their new album. The band is working toward an April release date. The album is currently being mixed.

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