Brazilian metal group Sepultura will be kicking off their 30th anniversary North American tour on May 9 at Rock in Rio USA. The band has just announced that they'll also be releasing a special new EP to pay tribute to their fans and celebrate the milestone. The effort is called Sepultura Under My Skinand it will arrive on June 5.

The band talked about the new EP at their website, “We wrote a new song that expresses the respect and love we have for you all, and the support we received during the last 30 years was overwhelming. No band has better fans like we have. We are still here doing what we do because of you! Lovers and haters alike, we are all one big family and we thank you! So, we will need your help once again!”

According to Nuclear Blast, the EP will feature the new song "Under My Skin" and a live recording of their track "Kairos." It will be released as a red vinyl and will cost $4.99. As for the artwork accompanying the music, the group compiled fan-submitted photos of Sepultura inspired tattoos. Check out the image below.

Sepultura kick off their 30th anniversary trek in Las Vegas and will play all over the U.S. and Canada through June 14, when they wrap things up in Grand Junction, Colo. Check out the full tour dates here.