We're going to send you into the weekend by administering a dose of corrosive heavy metal, courtesy of Scar the Martyr, the Joey Jordison-led project looking to release its self-titled Roadrunner Records debut on Oct. 1. The band has premiered the track 'Soul Disintegration' and it's the perfect metal missile on which to cruise into that much-needed break.

'Soul Disintegration' is a chunky, nasty metal track, with newcomer Henry Derek's vocals slithering in wily fashion over the battering ram percussion and riffs. It's also possessed of a '90s energy, and by that we mean the riffs remind us of the greats of that era, like Machine Head and Sepultura.

So if that gets your motor going and sends you into convulsive fits in moshpits, then have at it. We feel compelled to warn you that you can't do this song justice by playing it at normal volume. It has to be loud for you to fully appreciate and absorb the metal ferocity with which the band plays. The solo that comes in the latter third of the song shows its death metal seams, too.

The band is touring with Danzig this month, further building hype for the album. Dates for the trek, which also features Huntress, can be seen by clicking the second button below.