He may look ominous and scary, but Satyricon's namesake, Satyr, is really quite polite and pleasant. We spoke to him after midnight in his native Norway, but he insisted he's not a nocturnal night owl, up till all hours. "I have been out all day and came back home like an hour ago, so I am doing this interview and going to bed," he told Noisecreep. A nefarious black metaller turning in before 4 AM? Who'd have thunk it?

Satyricon have been on tour for the better part of the year, on a gruelling road trip, and after their forthcoming trek, which begins later this month, they plan to halt all road activities. For now. "We started touring and haven't stopped," Satyr said. "We did Japan and Australia, then the U.S. Then we did an extensive of the Nordic countries and had a few weeks off and then went right into festival season, which ran from May through September.

"We've been off for a week and we're going back on tour for a month. November is off, with only one show, so it'll be quiet. Christmas will be it for quite some time. It'll take something special for us to go out in 2010. We need a break, since we've been going for a long time. We feel motivated to do a full headline tour of the States right now."

Satyricon will be heading out with Bleeding Through and Chthonic in tow. But Satyr was impressed by one of the other bands that is only on a handful of the dates. "The one band I am unfamiliar with, but who sounded interesting from the few songs I heard, is Toxic Holocaust. They are doing the first half of the tour. Once I heard a few songs, I sent an email to my booking agent, asking, 'Why can't they be on the entire tour?' That's how much I liked it."

The tour kicks off Sept. 25 in Baltimore and runs through Oct. 19 in Chicago.

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