"Me and Frost will start jamming again and having fun, and see what happens for a new record," Satyricon leader Satyr told Noisecreep while preparing for the band's final U.S. tour in support of 'The Age of Nero.'

"I am OK with being away from home," he said about life on the road, away from his native Norway. "Of course you miss your routines and friends, but I have adjusted to being away from those things. I find it quite hard, in the long run, when you can't breathe because you are doing so many shows in a row. On the European tour we did, which was our first on this record, we played 31 shows in 35 days."

While Satyr said that "we look forward to both these tours," referring to their jaunts in the U.S. and Europe that are unfolding over the next two months, he definitely is feeling the itch to write new tunes. "I feel like I miss writing music, and I look forward to that and things I haven't done in a long time," Satyr said. "All the work is a consequence of us being somewhat successful, and that's a nice problem to have. My take on the U.S. tour we did last winter with [Cradle of Filth] and Septic Flesh was that we feel good about it. If the reception was good, we'd say, 'Let's go back.' The reception was good, so we are back. We are one of those bands that don't come around every six months."

When he does tour the U.S., Satyr admits that he is deluged by black metal fans -- fans who want to see Satyricon tour with Darkthrone and Mayhem on the ultimate black metal tour. "People constantly ask questions, like 'Why can't you come back and bring Darkthrone and Mayhem with you?' I just think to myself, 'Have they not noticed that Darkthrone have stated for the record for 20 years that they do not tour?' It's not feasible for a dream-team package like that. It's a totally unrealistic package, and I have to be harsh and say to fans, 'Forget that, it will never happen.' I am just being realistic."

While we won't see the blackest of the black reign down on U.S. venues, Satyricon will lay waste to American venues with Bleeding Through and Chtonic in tow through October.

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