"There is such an unpretentious approach to underground music that is quite a relief," Satyr of Satyricon told Noisecreep about the American metal scene as the band was about to embark on their final U.S. tour in support of 2008's 'The Age of Nero.'

He further commented, "I like how the Europeans are sophisticated and thought through in the way that they approach their subculture and music, whether it's black metal or something else. But at the same time, it can be a little bit too much, with all the long analysis of a show or a record. It feels liberating to have someone say 'That was f---ing awesome and that's it!' Like the Americans do. That's all you need, sometimes. Someone has a good time and that's what they tell you, that because of you, they enjoyed their night. The atmosphere is slightly more laid back. It is a difference, culturally, between our part of the world and the other side of the pond."

Satyr also enjoys the contrasts between the individual states that make up the great land that is America. "The States offer spectacular nature that reminds me of the part of Europe that I come from. Or cities like New York City and Chicago are fast-paced. There is also the laid-back coolness of California that I like," he said. Spoken liken a well-traveled tourist who has really paid attention to his time in the lower 48!

He claims he like the South for its atmosphere and vibe, too. "I've been a lot to New Orleans and places, and it's extraordinary," he said.

Satyricon will tour with Bleeding Through and Chthonic through October.

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