Has it really been six years since Samael released Lux Mundi? The Swiss black metal-turned industrial outfit has kept busy having revisited their cult favorite Ceremony of Opposites in full at select festivals, but now their eyes are locked on the future once more. The group has released a new single, "Angel of Wrath," ahead of their forthcoming new studio effort, Hegemony.

The track is propelled by stunted, stomping rhythms, taking on a minimalist riffing approach as synths present an imperial atmosphere, accenting the more industrialized aspects of Samael's dark metal. Undulating, bombastic choirs spiral into peril throughout the chorus as frontman Vorph exclaims, "Black fire! Red fire! Savior! And Destroyer!"

Overall, "Angel of Wrath" embodies the band's recent foray into darker realms, abandoning the more upbeat and catchy nature of the critically-acclaimed 2007 effort, Solar Soul. There's a perfect blend between the style of Lux Mundi and Samael's masterwork, Passage, making Hegemony a highly-anticipated album as the band celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Hegemony will be released on Oct. 17 later this year through Napalm Records, marking the band's 11th studio album since forming in 1987. Their earlier sound was derived from first wave of black metal acts like Bathory and Celtic Frost, leaning heavily on cold riffs and a bleak atmosphere. The band eventually branched out, authoring defining blackened / dark industrial albums in Passage and Eternal.

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