RushRush guitarist Alex Lifeson, who has taken on a few small acting roles, is set to appear in a new Canadian-made television show, tentatively titled 'The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour.'

Lifeson has already appeared in the 'Trailer Park Boys' -- a fantastic loser comedy about exactly that, trailer park boys -- and he re-teams for this new series with the stars of that long-running cult classic TV show and films, Mike Smith, Robb Wells and J.P. Tremblay. According to the Toronto Sun, Showcase will air the six half-hour episodes in 2010.

Lifeson also has a small part as a border crossing guard in the rock 'n' roll vampire comedy film 'Suck,' which should be released next year.

In discussing that part back in September, Lifeson told Noisecreep: "This is kind of new, all this quote 'acting' unquote, and it isn't really acting. It's just kind of being me, in certain situations really, especially with the 'Trailer Park Boys' stuff, but it's a very different place to be when you're on set and you're amongst real actors.

"It's fun! It's fun," he says. "And I'm used to the hurry up and wait aspect of it from shooting videos in the past, where you'd be sitting for three hours, and then you'd be on set for maybe two minutes for a shot, and then they'd set up something else and you'd wait another few hours, so I've developed a bit of patience for that."

In 'Trailer Park Boys,' he played a traffic cop in 2006's 'Trailer Park Boys: The Movie' and in the second film, the just released 'Countdown to Liquor Day,' he's an undercover cop. "I'm being typecast," he joked of his authority roles.

No word on his role in 'The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour,' but according to the Toronto Sun, "Smith, Wells and Tremblay play actors on a children's TV show in the sleepy town of Port Cockerton called The Happy Funtime Hour. After unknowingly ingesting a powerful hallucinogen made from local berries, the boys start to believe that they actually are the characters they portray on the kiddie show."