Royal Family Clothing

Royal Family Clothing creates limited-edition T-shirts for bands like Whitechapel, Iwrestledabearonce, In This Moment, A Day to Remember and Coheed and Cambria, to name a few. And by limited-edition, they really mean limited-edition, with only 300 pieces produced. This small run certainly results in the shirts being a hot item with potential to quickly sell out.

"We sell them exclusively on our Web site, and the bands sell a portion of them on the road as well," Royal Family's Cliff told Noisecreep. "We work with bands that we have an existing relationship with. We've been involved in the music industry for a long time and have been fortunate to create lasting relationships with bands, managers, record labels and booking agents. Through those relationships, we get to work with our friends to create wearable works of art."

The band is always involved in the creative process, with the bands either coming up with the design on their own or sending ideas back and forth with Royal Family until everyone is pleased. "Then our in-house artists will design the shirt and keep making changes until everyone is happy," Cliff said.

Royal Family elected to do limited-edition shirts not so much to be anti-corporate but to make a bigger impact. "We felt it would make what we do distinctive in the market place," Cliff said. "Everyone can get A Day to Remember shirt with the album art to 'Homesick' on it, but only 300 people will ever be able to get our 'Greetings From Florida' shirt. And once it's gone, it's gone. That shirt has been sold out for over two years now. So it's really like the deluxe edition of an album. You know the one with the bonus DVD and exclusive tracks you have to order online to get? Only it's the wearable art version."

By the time you read this post, Royal Family will have designed a shirt for Lifetime, one of Cliff's fave bands and an admitted "dream come true" to work with Jersey's best dancers. "On my short list of dream bands is probably the Pixies, Far and Pavement. Now that all of those bands are back together, maybe we can make it happen," Cliff said.

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