Since 2005, Sheffield, England's Rolo Tomassi have shown remarkable stylistic breadth and on their new single, "Drip," which comes off the newly announced 2022 album, Where Myth Becomes Memory, they meld mathcore with shoegaze, dream pop and tinges of black metal to craft a dynamic, episodic journey into just under six minutes of music.

"This is a really important album for all of us," said co-vocalist and keyboardist James Spence. "Of anything we've done, it's the one I'm most proud of," he continued, "I think it's the most ambitious and creative that our band has ever sounded and something that we've all needed to get through the last few years. We can't wait to share it and to have you help us bring it to life."

"Drip" speaks directly to Spence's claims with uncertainty at every moment as the track, which comes on the heels of the previously released 2021 single "Cloaked," opens with a rigid, pounding downbeat and droning feedback for a full 90 seconds before everything goes into full throttle. As the song progresses, calmer, more ethereal moments take over, offering a brilliant sense of contrast.

Watch the video below and view the Where Myth Becomes Memory artwork and track listing further down the page. Look for the record to be released on Feb. 4 on MNRK and pre-order your copy here.

Rolo Tomassi, "Echo Chamber" Lyrics

On the worst days it’s growing, growing so slowly
What to embody? A plea for the remedy
Forced into a place that never felt like home
And if it takes me here then where is there left to go?

To strike before it’s all too late
Put to rest, all souls are safe
Existing in the maze
Memory is imperfect
Take my hand, let’s slip beneath the surface

On the worst days I slip, as deceitful as hope is
Walking on a knife edge, I traced the line and I leapt

It’s been strange and stranger still
Freed from the fears that paralyse
Always distaste, always regret, the least of it
A revelation into reality unspoken
Between the signs and the sounds, taking shape encompassing

All things begin and end here

What it means to be
In the aftermath of tragedy
What it means to be
Finally uncaged and I lost my way

Understanding the relevance of the eclipse
When I can’t forgive
Nothing is ever enough

Rolo Tomassi, "Echo Chamber" Music Video

Rolo Tomassi, Where Myth Becomes Memory Album Art + Track Listing

Rolo Tomassi, 'Where Myth Becomes Memory'

01. "Almost Always"
02. "Cloaked"
03. "Mutual Ruin"
04. "Labyrinthine"
05. "Closer"
06. "Drip"
07. "Prescience"
08. "Stumbling"
09. "To Resist Forgetting"
10. "The End Of Eternity"

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