Well, everybody's doing it! Rob Zombie had already released a captivating lyric video for the new song, "Well, Everybody's F--king in a U.F.O." Now, he's back with a full-fledged visual experience with a new music video (NSFW) and we do mean experience!

The video, produced by Danielle Lovett, opens with four minutes of a humor-injected skit where a man is instructing a team of astronauts about alien procreation. On the chalkboard is a crude drawing of the aliens' genitals as the teacher explains the forces of gravity before diving into a bit of an astral sex ed class. He then informs the lackadaisical space cadets that they are about to be spoken to by a woman who was abducted and enjoyed carnal relations with the aliens.

Enter Miss Bunny Peachbottom (played by Rob's wife, Sheri Moon Zombie). The dually perky abductee begins to detail her encounter to the astronauts, one of which begins to pull back and forth on his... throttle. The teacher tells him to stop and he listens. The video later flashes to a group of naked, well-endowed extra terrestrials huddled around the buxom Miss Peachbottom as they bring her aboard their spaceship. As she wraps up her explanation, she tells them that the aliens said "You get to f--k the prettiest," and the vocal sample of the lyric begins its loop to kick off "Well, Everybody's F--king in a U.F.O."

The song itself has a country gone circus type feel with Zombie employing an accent similar to the age old carnival "Step right up!" bit. He shows off some of his dance moves to the tug-of-war rhythms, spinning his fingers in circles around his head as he sings the chorus.

The cut comes off Zombie's forthcoming sixth full length effort, The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser. The record comes out April 29 on UMe/T-Boy Records and fans can catch Rob Zombie out supporting the release on his upcoming tours.

First, the group will be sharing the stage with Disturbed on a co-headlining run stretching from May 3 - 25 and on another co-headlining tour with Korn from July 19 - Sept. 3. For a full list of Rob Zombie tour dates, visit our 2016 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours. The master of horror has also added his first Hollywood gig since 2009 at the Roxy on April 8. Tickets are on sale here with a two ticket limit per person.

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