Rob Zombie is currently working on his adaptation of the TV series The Munsters and his hard work is paying off. Not only is 1313 Mockingbird Lane almost done, so is the whole neighborhood. The rocker recently posted a photo in front of the home of The Munsters.

Zombie has been so influenced and inspired by The Munsters, his biggest solo song is named after the car in the TV series — "Dragula." Rob Zombie has been chasing this project for 20 years and was ecstatic when he was chosen to direct the film and made an announcement on Instagram.

The crew is building the whole neighborhood from scratch in Budapest, Hungary, which you can see pictures of here. The original set has been remodeled and reused in shows such as Desperate Housewives.

Rob Zombie calls the show 'the greatest show ever.' This isn't the first film Rob Zombie has directed, he's directed his trilogy, The Lords of Salem, adaptations of Halloween movies, and more.

The Munsters TV series was about a family of monsters who relocated from Transylvania to a suburb in America. The series debuted in 1964 and ran through 1966, airing 70 episodes.

You can see just how excited Rob Zombie is about directing the film by all of the pictures of costumes, construction, and special effects he's posted on his social media. (Including Herman's forehead and Grandma Munster's cape.) There's no release date for Rob Zombie's adaptation of The Munsters, yet.

Here's a look at Rob Zombie posing in front of 1313 Mockingbird Lane, home of The Munsters.

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