Hollywood has been flush with film remakes in recent years, and during a chat with Rob Zombie at the 3 From Hell premiere, Muse TV (seen below) spoke with the rocker-turned-director to get his view on the revisiting of classic films for a new generation.

When asked if he felt there were any films that were too sacred to remake, Zombie stated, "No. Because I don't like thinking like that. Because if I thought like that, I'd go, well, they would have never made Dracula with [Bela] Lugosi, 'cause they would have stopped at Nosferatu. Then they would have never made Dracula with Christopher Lee, 'cause they would have said, 'Oh, you can't do…'

He continued, "I used to think more like that. But then I thought, like, 'Fuck it!' If you do it for the wrong reasons, yeah, it'll be awful. But if you really do it for the right reasons, anything can work."

Zombie stated, "Some movies are hard — like, I wouldn't wanna try to remake Jaws or The Shining or something, 'cause sometimes things have just become so iconic that it's not gonna happen. But I don't like to think… Nothing's sacred."

The director speaks from a place of experience, having worked on remakes of two Halloween films. He recently shared with Forbes his dissatisfaction working on the movies.

“Making Halloween with the Weinstein’s was a miserable experience for me, and so I was very reticent to do the second one. I did do the second one, and I thought, ‘Okay, well the first one was a miserable experience, but it did well, so maybe it’ll be easier the second time?’ It was worse," recalled Zombie. "I felt like they weren’t trusting me on the first one because they wanted to make sure it was a hit and now they weren’t trusting me not to fuck up their hit.”

These days Zombie is keeping a film franchise in his family -- the Firefly family, to be exact. 3 From Hell is the third installment set in a world that began with House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. Zombie premiered his film this week over a three-night special event.

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