Of all of the bizarre things that've happened in 2020, one of the trends we've seen in recent weeks is pop stars giving nods to rock and metal. Miley Cyrus is releasing a rock album, Doja Cat put on a metal performance at the MTV Europe Awards, and now Rihanna was seen sporting a new metal look — a Pantera shirt dressed with a mullet.

We're not mad about it, it just seems to have become a recurring theme lately.

Rihanna isn't a stranger to the metal genre, though. Last year, it came out that Slipknot were supposedly her favorite band, and she's been seen repping metal bands on shirts in the past. The best part about this Pantera tribute, perhaps, is the marijuana leaf the logo is paired with.

See the images below.

We're not sure if this look indicates that Rihanna will be releasing heavy music anytime soon, but if she's down, then so are we.

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