If you're as big a vinyl fiend as the rest of us here at Noisecreep, you are more than likely primed and ready for tomorrow, April 20th; also known as Record Store Day.

The past few years have seen this event swell to outrageous proportions. Labels who thought vinyl was long dead have raided their vaults, fired up their vinyl presses and brought some essential music back into the marketplace in its superior format. The smaller labels who knew vinyl was king all along have just had fun with the situation shooting out limited runs on colored vinyl of records that become rarities before they even hit the shelves. All the while, your local Mom & Pop vinyl emporium gets a much needed financial shot in the arm. A win win situation all around, we'd say.

Below is a list of some crucial items you'll need to pick up on RSD; that is if we don't get to them first! So, do some stretches, chug a pot of coffee, get on your mark, get set and Go!!!

Aerosmith - Aerosmith, Get Your Wings, Toys in the Attic LP's (Music on Vinyl)

It's more than likely that your copies of the first three classic Aerosmith LP's are well worn and beer splattered. So why not graduate to these 180 gram vinyl editions? Your 16-year-old self will be green with envy that you're hearing "Lord of the Thighs" with such clarity; trust us.

Deep Purple/Type O Negative - Highway Star 7" (Warner Bros.)

Double your pleasure with this clear vinyl 7" which contains the Deep Purple classic on the A Side with the Type O Negative version on the flip.

Integrity - Systems Overload LP (Organized Crime)

This second full length from '95 by these Midwest hardcore veterans is well regarded as one of their most brutal releases. This vinyl edition limited to 365 has been re-mixed by the band's guitarist A2 and will more than likely lay your turntable to waste.

King Crimson - Going Schizoid with King Crimson CD (DGM/Inner Knot)

Cover image not available

This RSD exclusive CD will contain ten live tracks from throughout this legendary prog band's existence. It will also contain a t-shirt, graphic novel, poster and sticker. We're sort of lost as to why someone would release a CD for Record Store Day, but when you're dealing with the delicate creativity of Fripp and company, you know not to ask too many questions.

Ringworm -'91 Demos 7" (A389)

Along with the fore mentioned Integrity, Ringworm were another Clevo-based band who covertly brought metal into the mix of hardcore in the '90's. These very first recordings from this still fully functioning band are timeless in their precision and savagery. One earful to the opener "Blind to Faith" and you'll be moshing.

T.S.O.L - You Don't Have to Die 7" (T.K.O.)

One of SoCal's first hardcore bands throws its hat into the RSD ring with this single limited to 1000. A Side is an unreleased song from 1980 while the B Side contains two songs recorded live at infamous California punk club The Cuckoo's Nest in the summer of '81.

Cheech & Chong Feat. Alice Bowie - Earache My Eye picture disc 7" (Friday Music)

For those who like to chuckle while they bang their head, we offer this picture disc featuring this classic comedy duo's piss take on the heavy sounds of the '70s which has been covered by everyone from Korn to Henry Rollins.

Dust - Dust/Hard Attack double LP (Kama Sutra/Legacy)

As reported a few weeks ago here on Noisecreep, before there was anything with the title heavy metal, there was Brooklyn's Dust. This gatefold beauty houses both the LP's the band released in their time of existence and both looks and sounds boss beyond belief.

Poison Idea -Filthkick 7" (T.K.O.)

Woah! Now here's something to go gaga over: A more than needed re-up of this 7" released in limited supply for these Portland punkers aborted tour of the east coast in 1988. These were only available via mail order at the time, so they are rare as all heck. Contains their flawless cover of the Damned's "New Rose."

Slipknot 7" (Revelation Records)

In the late '80s, Revelation Records was known for releasing seven inch EPs' by such clean cut straight edge hardcore bands as Chain of Strength and Gorilla Biscuits, so many were taken aback when they released this six songs EP by this Connecticut based band in the summer of '89. Sounding more like thrashers like Septic Death or The Accused than Minor Threat of 7 Seconds, this is certainly the black sheep in the Rev catalog. This RSD exclusive pressing is limited to 1000 copies on orange vinyl.

Tony Rettman is a freelance music journalist whose work has appeared in The Village Voice, Vice, Philadelphia Weekly, Arthur, Swindle, Signal to Noise and Mean. His 2010 book Why Be Something That You're Not: Detroit Hardcore 1979-1985, is a must-read for any fan of heavy music and can be purchased on Amazon.

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