Can it be? A glam metal band collaborating with a former member of Nirvana? Well, it's true. Ratt's Stephen Pearcy (vocals) and Warren DeMartini (guitar) are working with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, and the unlikely trio just finished recording a new song.

But Ratt fans needn't get too excited, the new tune isn't for an upcoming album from the 'Round and Round' rockers. Instead, Grohl is working on a new project that is currently being referred to nothing more as "TBA."

"We'll let [Dave] tell you about when he's ready, kidz," Pearcy recently explained. "Not for a Ratt record."

Pearcy also spoke about the collaboration via his Twitter account, writing, "Thing is it's a way cool thing of Dave. We're just privileged to b a part of that. Next Ratt!"

In an interview last year, Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer announced that the band was writing and recording with plans to release a new album in the spring of 2012.

Foo Fighters released the critically acclaimed album 'Wasting Light' in April. The band will tour Japan this March.

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