The family of Daniel N., the 19-year-old victim in the Randy Blythe incident, has spoken out. A news report posted by, the Czech Republic-based website that has been covering the Lamb of God singer's arrest and possible manslaughter charges in great detail, certainly puts a face to the victim, who died two weeks after sustaining injuries and bleeding on the brain as the result of an altercation with the vocalist at a May 2010 Lamb of God show.

Daniel's mother is apparently still struggling to deal with the death of her son. The site reports (via Blabbermouth) that a year after her son's tragic passing, she posted a heartfelt note on a social networking site, writing:

"Approaching the date when you went to your last concert. I'm not gonna make it without you and I'm totally heartbroken. I hope we meet together soon. Life without you is miserable!"

Daniel's uncle was also interviewed, saying that he is disgusted by the prosecutor's handling -or in his opinion, mishandling- of the case. He reportedly said, "It's all about money. That is the only concern. The bail of $200,000 is ridiculous." The uncle fears that Blythe, who remains in custody despite having posted the required $200,000 bail since the Czech Republic's processing system is not as swift one might hope, will bolt from the country once he is released.

Blythe, 41, is facing charges of manslaughter and is accused of causing Daniel's injuries and death. Video of the incident has circulated, where Blythe and a security guard are seen forcibly removing Daniel from the stage. Despite what might seem like damning footage, it's not proof that Blythe is at fault or that any of his auctions make him responsible for Daniel's tragic death.

Blythe's lawyers have said that he has not complained about his situation, although is confused by what's going on. Lamb of God's manager Larry Mazer gave an interview to, saying his client is innocent and that neither he nor the band were ever contacted by the club promoter to let them know that the fan was severely injured and died.

Mazer also said that both he and Blythe were completely unaware of the situation and that he'd never have sent the band over to Prague if they were aware of what transpired as a result of the altercation onstage.

We at Noisecreep send our very best to Randy Blythe, his family and his band during these trying times.

Watch Randy Blythe Report from Czech Television

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