One of punk's iconic frontman is turning to Broadway. Tim Armstrong, the one-time singer and guitarist of Rancid is putting on a musical theater series entitled Tim Timebomb's RockNRoll Theater. The series will be indebted to a long line of classic American musicals and will feature Armstrong leading the cast members through a variety of dance numbers and white-knuckle story lines, all the while acting as a self-described "punk rock Rod Serling." According to the VEVO blog, one should also expect "more costume changes than a Lady Gaga concert."

Armstrong, who is known for his genre-busting work with Transplants and numerous other collaborations, insists that he feels right at home in his new role. "Doing a show centered on musical theater isn't really a stretch for me," says Armstrong. "For 25 years I've been making music and collaborating with friends, been involved in hundreds of videos. It's really just a direct extension of my world."

It is fitting then that Armstrong, who will act as host, has chosen to take on the epic Dante's Inferno for the first episode, which will simply be called 'Dante' and will offer a modern take on corporate corruption and capitalist greed. Featuring fellow Rancid axeman and vocalist Lars Frederiksen, AFI frontman Davey Havok, and CSI star Robert David Hall, the show will debut on Vevo October 21. Check out the trailer below.

Watch the Trailer for 'Dante'