'Punk' magazine co-founder, 'Please Kill Me' author and longtime friend Legs McNeil posted the news about Vega's passing. His statement can be read below:

"One of the best friends anyone could ever hope for. I knew and hung out with Arturo since 1976- 37 f---ing years, if my math is correct -- and if it weren't for Arturo -- Joey and I would've starved to death in those early years. Artie was so f---ing fun -- he made every thing into an adventure. The world just became a much colder and lonelier place -- as if it wasn't getting that way already. F---, I miss him so much already."

Vega was a Mexican national who was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and emigrated to New York in the '70s. Besides designing for the band, Vega was known for his generosity. Before the Ramones exploded and gained prominence, he had let bassist Dee Dee Ramone and singer Joey Ramone crash in his Bowery loft, which was situated near CBGB. He also developed into a Ramones archivist later in life.

​The San Francisco Bay Guardian described Vega as "warm-hearted, soft-spoken, genial and with a dry wit" and a champion of punk rock and the bands who played it.