German industrialists Rammstein are on the radar for a new album release, and they posted a video teaser earlier today (March 26) on their social media profiles. The video features a line of prisoners waiting to be hanged, watch it below.

"Du hast viel geweint" translates to "you cried a lot." It is unclear what this means, whether it is the title of a new song or album, but the Roman numeral date they listed is March 29, 2019. Additionally, a series of video clips play over the band's top five songs on Spotify with the same date on them.

Rammstein "Sonne" on Spotify
Rammstein "Sonne" on Spotify

In January, Rammstein told Kerrang! that they will be releasing five music videos to accompany their upcoming new album, which is due for a spring release. Since then, they've posted several still shots from what appeared to be music video shoots on their Instagram profile.

Guitarist Richard Kruspe spoke with Full Metal Jackie recently about the recording process of the new album. "What we tried to do on the new Rammstein record was to bring that love of music above again. I'm very happy. I'm satisfied with the result and I'm also satisfied that we are kind of developing a work method that shows respect to each other. We listen. We talk a lot, and  it was a great experience," he says.

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