Steel Panther are one hell of a great time live, but some of their overtly sexual innuendos might not always fly over the heavily regulated airwaves. Yet somehow the sounds of the band's song "Glory Hole" found its way to the South African listening audience of LM Radio, leading the station to issue an apology.

So how did a song about a particular public restroom delight make its way to the airwaves of a station that touts playing "the smoothest tunes from the 70s to today?" The apology statement, which appears to have now been taken down but we managed to grab a screen shot of just prior, attempts to clarify.

"On behalf of LM Radio. I want to apologise unreservedly for the song 'Glory Hole' by Steel Panthers that was played just after 2pm yesterday (Sunday). This song, together with others from Steel Panthers, was inadvertently backed up onto our Server following the cyber-attack on our systems earlier this year. When an Hour is short-scheduled, the system automatically includes songs to fill the hour. 'Glory Hole' was unfortunately the song picked by the system," revealed the station in their statement.

They went on to add, "We have immediately deleted ALL Steel Panther songs from our Servers. I again apologise for this and assure you that the content of that song does not resonate with who we are as a radio station and as individuals. - Lyndon Johnstone."

lm radio statement on playing steel panther
Facebook: LM Radio

The apology yielded a mix of responses, from those celebrating the station's decision to address the mishap ("The fact that you took time out of your day to apologize to your listeners, says a lot about you, and what you stand for," stated one commenter) to others who found the joy of a little Steel Panther inadvertently inserted into the station's playlist. "Thx for that LM Radio, in this day and age of PC and WOKE attitude you just marketed a lekker song that I would never have listened to. Brilliant stuff, Glory Hole rocks your c$*¥s!," wrote another commenter.

And yet another comically summed up the situation with their own humorous innuendo - "So an empty space was filled with a glory hole? Didn't think that one through either."

News of the mishap made its way back to Steel Panther who responded in a typically humorous way, commenting, "They say, 'We're sorry.' We say, 'You're welcome.'"

steel panther response to LM Radio
Facebook: Steel Panther

For all the new Steel Panther fans out there as a result of this miscue, well, you can find them on tour in the U.S., Canada and Australia to finish out the year. See dates and get details here. There's also a new album, On the Prowl, coming in 2023 and you can watch the always-NSFW video for the first new single, "It's Never Too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight)" here.

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