In an interview with, original Queens of the Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri says there is little chance of him reuniting with his old gang anytime soon -- even though he is on good terms with them. And it's not for lack of wanting: he approached band leader Josh Homme about sitting in with the Queens for a song during a recent Los Angeles gig and Homme turned him down. But... there's no hard feelings.

"It's kind of in his court for stuff like that," Oliveri tells UGO. "I don't think he wants to give anyone the wrong idea ... And he's got a great band -- he's taking the band in the direction he wants it to go. Hey, it's all good."

Oliveri, who was discharged from Queens of the Stone Age back in 2004, is now touring with a new incarnation of the band he and Homme were in together before forming QOTSA -- Kyuss. The new project, called Kyuss Lives!, is on the road in Europe, with plans to tour the U.S. and eventually record a new album all on their calendar. And while he hasn't exactly asked them, our guess is if Homme wanted to join them onstage for a song or two... they, at least, would say yes.

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